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William O'Connor


2014 Best Professional Artist
New York Science Fiction Society

Author/Illustrator of the best selling Dracopedia book trilogy, as well as illustrator of over 5000 illustrations for the gaming and publishing business, William OConnor's 25 year career has allowed him to work with such companies as Wizards of the Coast, Impact Books, Blizzard Entertainment, Sterling Publishing, Lucas Films, Activision and many more. Winner of over 30 industry awards for artistic excellence including 10 contributions to Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art and 10 Chesley Nominations. William has taught and lectured around the country about his unique and varied artwork as well as being a regular contributor to the popular art blog Muddy Colors and exhibiting his work at such industry shows as Illuxcon, New York Comic Con and Gen Con.

William now lives with his family and keeps his studio in New York.

Work History
1991-present: William O'Connor Illustration.
Clients include: Activision, Alderac Entertainment Group, Avalon Hill Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Bookspan, CCP Games, Cryptozoic Studios, Del Rey Books, Doubleday Books, Dover Publications, Easton Press, Face 2 Face Games, Fantasy Flight Games, FASA Games, Future Publishing Ltd., FW Media, Harper Collins, Hasbro, History Channel, Highmoon Media, Ilex Publishing, IMPACT Books, Iron Crown Enterprises, Kenzer & Co., Lucas Arts Ltd., MG Enterprises, New Millenium Games, Northlight Books, Sabretooth Games, Sterling Publishing, Triking Games, TSR Inc., Underwood Books, Upperdeck, US Games Systems, West End Games, White Wolf Publishing, Wizards of the Coast.

For a complete listing of the publications containing William O'Connor art work see: bibliography

2000-2009: Du Cret School of Art. Guest Lecturer, Instructor,painting & drawing.
1995-1999: Huntington School of Fine Arts. Instructor, painting, drawing, sculpture.

Awards and Memberships
2017 NYSFS. Popular Choice Award. "The Maid of Orleans"
2017 NYSFS. Artist's Choice Award
2017 NYSFS. Judges Choice Award
2017 SCOB Exhibition. Best in Show "The Maid of Orleans"
2016 American Fantastic Arts Association. Popular Choice Award
2016 Chesley Awards Selection "Maid of Orleans"
2015 World Fantasy Convention Art Award. 20,000 Leagues
2014 Best Professional Artist. New York Science Fiction Society
2013 Spectrum 20. "Wargriffin"
2013 Spectrum 20. "Dragon Lord"
2013 Chesley Awards Selection. Best Interior Art. Dracopedia:The Great Dragons
2013 NYSFS (Lunacon). Judges Choice "Goblin market"
2013 NYSFS (Lunacon). Best in Show "Daphne's Dream"
2013 NYSFS (Lunacon). Best Professional Artist
2013 NYSFS (Lunacon). Artist Guest of Honor
2012 Spectrum 19 "Race to Minas Tirith"
2011 NYSFS (Lunacon). Judges Choice "Radagast"
2011 Chesley Awards Selection. Best Unpublished Art. "Dragonsong"
2011 Chesley Awards Selection. Best Institutional. "Paladin's Charge"
2010 Spectrum 17"Ardent"
2010 Chesley Awards Selection. Best Book Illustration. "Dracopedia"
2009 NYSFS (Lunacon) Judges Choice Award "Alcina's Gambol"
2009 NYSFS (Lunacon) Best Professional Artist, 2nd Place.
2008 Chesley Awards Nomination. Best Gaming Related Art. "Riftmarked Knight"
2008 Chesley Awards Nomination. Best Unpublished. "Star Slayer"
2008 NYSFS (Lunacon). Best Monochromatic.
2007 PSFS (Philcon). Best Artist
2007 PSFS (PhilCon). Best Monochromatic "Order of the Coatyl"
2007 APIS Awards. "Concept Artist of the Year"
2006 Gen Con Game Fair 2006. Best Digital. "Zephyr's Tomb"
2006 Spectrum 13. "Zephyr's Tomb"
2006 Chesley Awards Nomination. Best Gaming Art. "Keeper of Water"
2006 Chesley Awards Nomination. Best Unpublished Color Image. "Paladin's Flight"
2006 NYSFS (Lunacon). Judges Choice "Zephyr's Tomb"
2005 Chesley Awards Nomination. Best Gaming Art. "Races of Stone"
2005 Spectrum 12 "Fire and Water"
2005 I-Con 25. Ist Place "Merlin and Arthur"
2005 NYSFS (Lunacon). Body of Work
2005 NYSFS (Lunacon). Best Costume Design "The Keeper of Water"
2004 World Science Fiction Convention. Award of Merit "Fire and Water"
2004 GenCon. Third Place "Fire and Water"
2004 Spectrum 11 "Empire from the Ashes"
2003 GenCon. Second Place "Cloudkill"
2003 NJD Convention. Honorable Mention "Valor's Peak"
2003 I-Con 23. Artist Guest of Honor
2003 NYSFS (Lunacon). Judges Choice "Composition in Blue"
2002 Chesley Awards Nomination. Best Gaming Art. "Respite"
2002 Spectrum 9. "The Grail Quest"
2002 ENie Awards Nomination. Best Cover Art "Hallowfaust"
2002 NJD Convention. Best in Show "The Familiar"
2002 NYSFS (Lunacon). Judges Choice "The Grail Quest"
2001 Gen Con. Second Place "The Grail Quest"
2001 NJD Convention. First Place "Respite"
2000 Gen Con. Best Print "Sovereign Seas"
2000 Dragon Con. Judges Choice "Green Knight"
1999 Gen Con. Third Place "Green Knight"
1998 Spectrum 6. "Mechopolis"
1996 PSFS (Phil Con). Best Fantasy "Green Knight"
1996 NYSFS (Lunacon). Judges Choice "Constantinople"
1995 Origins. Judges Choice "Dragon Rider"
1995 Origins. Best Color "Moon Wolf"
1994 PSFS (Philcon). Judges Choice "Book Wyrm"
1991 Guggenheim Student Fellowhip. New York, NY. Honarable Mention.
1988 Alfred University Art Portfolio Scholarship
1988 Carnegie Mellon University. Portfolio Scholarship
1988 Hartwick College. Portfolio Scholarship.

Portrait Society of America
Graphic Artist's Guild, New York
Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
American Showcase of Illustration
Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators


2000: Du Cret School of Art. Web Design
1997: Center for Desktop Publishing. Graphic Design
1990-1993: Parsons School of Design, Illustration
1988-1992: Alfred University, College of Ceramics, School of Art and Design, Painting, BFA, Cum Laude
1990: The School of Visual Arts, Illustration
1980-1988: Huntington School of Fine Arts